A/C Compressor (to suit 4.7lt/5.5lt Petrol)


The AC compressor is one of the most important, if not the most important, components of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. It is responsible for pressurizing the AC system and keeping the refrigerant flowing so that it can function properly. Because it functions in a continuous cycle on and off, it is subject to wear every time the AC is turned on. Just like any other component on a vehicle, it will eventually fail and need to be replaced.

Usually when a compressor begins to fail it will produce a few warning signs that alert the driver that it has a problem.

  • Cabin temperatures higher than normal
  • Loud noises when the compressor is running
  • Compressor clutch is not moving

Replace your faulty item with this direct replacement.


Part Fits the Following*

  • E CLASS 2011 – 2013 #212/207, 4.7, PETROL, 07/11-05/13
  • SLK 2012 – 2016 R172, 5.5, PETROL, 01/12-01/16
  • CLS CLASS 2011 – 2018 C218/X218, 5.5, PETROL, 06/11-02/18
  • CLS CLASS 2011 – 2018 C218/X218, 4.7, PETROL, 06/11-02/18

*This a guide only.  If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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A/C Compressor (to suit 4.7lt/5.5lt Petrol)


SKU: A0022309711 Categories: , Part Code: Compatible vehicles: W212 / C207 / A207 (07/09 - 05/16) VIN: WDD212 / WDD207, SLK, R172 (07/11 - 01/16) VIN: WDB172, Mercedes-Benz, E-Class, CLS-Class, C218 (06/11 - 02/18) WDD218