About Us

Est. 1996

Operating for over 25 years


Owned and operated


Over 800 complete cars

In 1996, father and son, Michael and Simon Nader decided to open a small auto dismantling yard in Bankstown.  They began wrecking what was most common at the time, Holden Commodore and Toyota Corolla.  Business was steady and they began expanding the range that they carried, beginning to focus on late model vehicles as early model vehicles were already well covered in the marketplace.

Realising in 2000 that the operation had outgrown the space, they searched until they found their current premises, a 7000m2 property located at 26 Mavis Street Revesby NSW.  At the time, the property was nothing more than a concrete slab with a small office space, but the family saw the potential and the location was ideal being located just off the M5 motorway and in a central location to the CBD and western suburbs.

The business continued to expand over the following years and so did the facilities onsite.  GMS Spares now features storage for over 300 complete vehicles, 2x custom built storage warehouses and a dedicated workshop allowing 3x vehicles to be processed at once.  The business also expanded operations to use offsite storage facilities increasing their ability to hold approximately 500 additional vehicles.

In 2014 the decision was made to expand operations to begin dealing in European based vehicles.  BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and VW.  Finding stock in the local market proved difficult and so the decision was made to begin importing used parts directly from Germany to meet demand.  This mixed strategy of local and imported stock worked well and allowed GMS Spares to enter the market in a competitive position.

In 2018, GMS Spares found themselves in a dominant position in the local market and ceased importing used parts from Germany to concentrate all their purchasing from local sources.

Now in 2020, GMS Spares has built a strong reputation for having the largest range of high-quality parts at the best prices.  With the ability to supply new, used, reconditioned and after-market panels and mechanical items to meet all their customers’ demands.