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ABS Sensor

The ABS Sensor, also known as the Wheel Speed Sensor, is a critical component in modern vehicles, assisting with stability, control, and safety. It relays the wheel’s speed to the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), enabling it to prevent skidding during abrupt braking. This ensures a shorter stopping distance and better control, especially in harsh weather conditions.
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At GMS Spares, we understand the importance of a reliable ABS Sensor. As a result, we offer new and used parts that are readily available, catering to diverse customer needs and vehicle models. Whether you need an ABS Sensor or an electric parking brake switch, our commitment is to provide quality parts without the lengthy wait.

Symptoms of a Faulty ABS Sensor & Replacement Process

It’s crucial to recognise the symptoms that can indicate when your ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor might need replacement. These can include the ABS warning light illuminating on your dashboard, less traction while driving on slippery surfaces, or an unexpectedly longer stopping distance. 
Replacing an ABS sensor is typically straightforward. It involves unplugging the faulty sensor, removing it from the wheel hub, and installing a new one. For any parts needed to replace your ABS sensor, GMS Spares is your go-to destination.

Symptoms of a Faulty Park Brake & Replacement Process

When it comes to the symptoms of a faulty park brake and the replacement process, one crucial component to consider is the electric park brake. These components control the parking brake and can affect the overall braking system. If you find yourself struggling to engage or disengage the brake, it may indicate the need for an electric park brake repair or a handbrake actuator repair. Specifically, issues like an unresponsive handbrake actuator or a deteriorating parking brake handbrake switch motor can signal the need for replacement.

Find the Perfect ABS Sensor For Your Vehicle with GMS Spares

At GMS Spares, we understand the importance of sourcing quality brake components including ABS Sensors and addressing electric handbrake actuator issues. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to prioritise your vehicle’s safety and performance. When you choose us, you’ll have access to high-quality parts, exceptional service and peace of mind. Whether you require an ABS Sensor replacement or an electric park brake repair, remember that GMS Spares is here to assist you. Contact us today for all your vehicle spare parts needs.