General Terms and Conditions

All parts sold by GMS Spares Pty Ltd are under parts only warranty, unless specified.

    • Used mechanical parts which are used in personal vehicles are covered for a default period of three (3) months or 10,000km whichever occurs first.
    • Used mechanical parts which are used in commercial/business vehicles are covered for a default period of one (1) month.
    • New parts are covered for a default period of six (6) months or 20,000km whichever occurs first.

Extended or labour warranties are available on request and will be specified on invoice.

  1. All engines supplied by GMS Spares Pty Ltd are fitted with a heat tab.  Warranty is void if the heat tab has been altered, removed, or melted.
  2. Warranty on transmissions, gearboxes and differentials do not cover broken gears or burnt clutches.
  3. Warranty or returns are void if parts are dismantled, altered, tampered with, misused, abused or incorrectly installed.  Items returned or claimed under warranty must be complete, in original condition (excluding packaging).
  4. GMS Spares Pty Ltd will supply free of charge all components required to rectify any authorised claims and reserves the right to supply used components.  Labour charges will not be met unless prior arrangements have been made with GMS Spares Pty Ltd.
  5. GMS Spares Pty Ltd will not be responsible for consequential loss including; car hire, accommodation, damage, loss of income, additional costs/down time due to failure of the part sold or delays with part delivery.
  6. Warranty is non-transferable.
  7. Goods returned within seven (7) days as incorrectly ordered or not required will incur a 20% restocking fee.  Goods returns after seven (7) days are not eligible for a refund.
    • Postage costs will not be refunded.  If your item was purchased with free/included shipping, the shipping charges incurred by GMS Spares will be passed onto you.
    • GMS Spares Pty Ltd cannot accept returns on specially ordered parts or cut body sections.
  8. Holding deposits on parts are non-refundable after 24hrs.  Parts can be held for a maximum of two (2) weeks, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  9. GMS Spares Pty Ltd can provide freight or source a broker on your behalf (which do not have insurance) you are responsible for loss or damage in transit of your purchase or for a purchase returned under warranty.
  10. Returned parts must be accompanied with an official invoice.

Your Responsibilities

  1. You must check the laws within the state you are repairing/registering your vehicle in using the supplied parts as every state has different laws and we are unable to advise you regarding your situation.  GMS Spares Pty Ltd does not guarantee registration.
  2. To pay the invoiced amount.  Until full payment has been received, the items remain property of GMS Spares Pty Ltd.
  3. Collection of your part/vehicle must be made within two weeks of being notified they are available.  If you do not collect your part/vehicle within this time-frame then storage charges can be applied by GMS Spares at a rate of $22 per item, per day.  After a period of six weeks, it will deemed that your part/vehicle is uncollected and GMS Spares will begin proceedings under the Uncollected Goods Act.
  4. Ascertain the correct manufacture date, make, model and body type for which your purchase is made.  If an item of a specific type is required; you must provide this information and check once the parts are supplied.
  5. Body panels are inspected by you and you acknowledge that you are buying the part, as is and relying on your own judgement.  Such parts will only be exchanged if we have sold the incorrect part.
  6. Correct oils and lubricants must be used and kept at correct levels.
  7. Engines must never be turned anti-clockwise.  Engine timing must be checked before the engine is started. If the timing is found to be incorrect you must advise GMS Spares immediately. With our approval timing can then be corrected.

To Protect Your Warranty

  1. Your purchase must be fitted by a qualified, licensed tradesperson.
  2. Service your radiator.
  3. Renew fan belts, hoses, thermostat, and radiator cap.
  4. Renew all air, oil, and fuel filters.
  5. All oil seals, timing belts, water pump, diesel injection pump, injectors and manifolds should be checked and changed where necessary prior to fitment as they are not covered under warranty, nor damage resulting from their failure.
  6. The use of aftermarket performance type items on your vehicle may void your warranty.  This includes the use of turbos, BOV, boost controllers, exhausts, management systems, etc – anything that alters factory specifications.
  7. All items are sold bare, unless otherwise invoiced.  Accessories if fitted to a part supplied by GMS Spares Pty Ltd, such as manifolds, flywheel, clutch, carburettors, fuel pump, water pump, turbocharger, alternator, diesel injection pump and injectors, etc are supplied for your convenience only. You may replace them with your own if you wish as they are not covered by our warranty, nor damage resulting from their failure.
  8. Parts not supplied by GMS Spares Pty Ltd, such as manifolds, flywheel, clutch, carburettors, fuel pump, water pump, turbocharger, alternator, diesel injection pump and injectors, etc but used in conjunction with GMS Spares Pty Ltd supplied parts are not covered by our warranty, nor damage resulting from their failure.
  9. In the fitment of transmissions, transmission computers must be reset or programmed if required.  An invoice for the work must be provided upon request and include the machine/software details used for the programming.
  10. In the fitment of transmissions, ensure all cooling lines and oil coolers are flushed and cleaned prior to filling with oil.  Seals should also be replaced as they are a perishable item and not covered under warranty.

Claim Under Warranty

  1. In the event of any preliminary signs of malfunction it is your responsibility to cease operation and to report the problem to GMS Spares Pty Ltd.  Failure to comply with this condition may result in more serious consequential damage and void any warranty entitlement.
  2. Ring and advise us of your problem immediately.
  3. If requested the part/vehicle must be returned to GMS Spares Pty Ltd or to a business of our choosing for inspection/repair.
  4. Freight must be prepaid by you or we will not accept delivery unless prior arrangements are made.

The above is a statement of the warranty policy of GMS Spares Pty Ltd and is not intended to invalidate any rights you may have under appropriate State or Federal legislation.