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Car Radiator and Oil Cooler

Keeping Your Car’s Temperature in Check

Your engine produces an incredible amount of heat during operation. Without a functioning cooling system, this heat can spiral out of control, leading to engine overheating and potentially catastrophic damage. A well-maintained cooling system keeps the temperature within the safe zone, preserving your engine’s longevity.

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After years in the industry, GMS Spares understands how car engine temperature works and how it affects your driving performance. You can trust us to supply you with premium car radiators, transmission coolers, engine oil coolers, EGR cooler kits and valves, and other automotive needs. Whether you’re searching for an EGR cooler kit or an oil cooler in a diesel engine, we have you covered. Browse our online collection if you are looking for something specific.

Distinguishing a Car Radiator from a Transmission Cooler

A car radiator is a central component of your cooling system. It’s responsible for dissipating heat from the engine coolant, ensuring the temperature stays within the optimal range. It acts as the heart of your cooling system, circulating coolant to keep the engine’s temperature in check.

On the other hand, a transmission cooler is a specialized component designed to regulate the temperature of your transmission fluid. It prevents the transmission from overheating, which can cause costly damage and reduce the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission. While it serves a different purpose than the car radiator, it’s equally vital in maintaining your vehicle’s overall health.

When is the best time to replace your car radiator?

One of the most evident signs that your radiator needs attention is engine overheating. If you notice your temperature gauge consistently climbing into the danger zone or steam escaping under the hood, it’s time to pull over and seek professional assistance. Ignoring overheating issues can lead to severe engine damage.

Besides overheating, you might need to have your car radiator checked under the following circumstances:

  • Over 100,000 mileage
  • Over 10 to 15 years old car
  • Engine oil leaks and puddles
  • Rust and corrosion
  • The radiator has inconsistent temperature readings
  • The car suffers reduced fuel efficiency

GMS Spares offers a wide range of high-quality radiators to suit your vehicle’s needs and budget. Do not wait until your engine has overheated. Our job is to ensure your ride stays cool and free from system malfunctions.

New, Used and Aftermarket Parts — We’ve Got Them on Deck

We understand that every car owner’s needs and budget are unique, which is why we carry a comprehensive range of products. You can find an array of new, used and aftermarket parts at GMS Spares. But regardless of their condition, each item retains top tier quality. Some of our supplies run out fast, so hurry and place your orders today!