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GMS Spares is your ultimate destination for top-tier car transmission parts. We specialise in high-quality components like transmission mounts, direct shift gearboxes, mechatronic units, transfer cases, and more. Elevate your vehicle’s performance and safety with our premium parts, ensuring a smoother and secure ride.

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What is a direct shift gearbox?

A Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is an advanced transmission system that combines a manual gearbox’s efficiency with an automatic gearbox’s convenience. It swiftly shifts gears without interruption in power, enhancing acceleration and fuel efficiency. Opting for a high-quality DSG ensures your car’s optimal performance, as precision engineering and robust materials guarantee smooth gear changes and prolonged durability, vital for a dependable driving experience.

What is a transmission mount?

A transmission mount is a vital automotive component that secures the transmission to the vehicle’s frame. Its primary function is to absorb vibrations and shock, preventing excess transmission movement during operation. Choosing a high-performing transmission mount is essential for maintaining your car’s performance, as it ensures stability, minimises wear and tear, and contributes to a smoother, quieter ride.

What is a mechatronic unit?

A mechatronic unit serves as the central control component within a gearbox, particularly in systems like the direct-shift gearbox (DSG). Its primary function involves regulating the torque converter and the clutch pad by utilizing transmission fluid at specific pressure levels. Remarkably, it can execute gear shifts within seconds. Opting for a superior mechatronic unit is crucial to ensure your car’s performance, as it guarantees precise control, reliability, and optimal efficiency, enhancing your overall driving experience.

What is a transfer case?

A transfer case is crucial for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive systems. It distributes power from the transmission to the front and rear axles, enabling proper wheel rotation and traction on various terrains. Maintaining your transfer case is essential for car performance, as it ensures robust and reliable power distribution, enhancing off-road capability and drivetrain longevity.

Access to new, used and aftermarket parts

At GMS Spares, we offer a comprehensive range of car transmission parts, including new, used, and aftermarket options. Our expansive inventory is constantly replenished, ensuring a diverse selection. Rest assured, quality and performance are guaranteed whether you purchase new, used, or aftermarket parts with us.

Choose GMS Spares for Quality Parts

Choose GMS Spares for unrivalled expertise and premium car transmission parts. Explore our extensive inventory and experience superior performance and safety for your vehicle. Check out our selection today and elevate your driving experience with top-quality components.

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