DSG Dual Mass Flywheel (to suit 1.9TD)


If you experience juddering mainly when you start the engine and when the car is idling, often accompanied by a loud clattering noise, the problem is likely in the dual mass flywheel which sits between the transmission and the engine. The flywheel consists of two plates that can move a small amount in relation to each other. This provides a cushioning effect when torque is transferred from the engine to the transmission. When that flywheel wears down, and the amount of movement is too great, you get a juddering/shuddering sensation.

It’s important not to leave this fault for too long. If the two flywheel plates sheer off from each other, your vehicle will lose drive entirely.

Replace your failing or faulty item with this direct replacement.


Part Fits the Following*

  • A3 2007 – 2010 DSG FLYWHEEL, 1.9, DIESEL, 10/07-08/10
  • GOLF 2004 – 2009 DSG FLYWHEEL, 1.9, DIESEL, GEN 5, 07/04-02/09
  • CADDY 2004 – 2010 DSG FLYWHEEL, DIESEL, 1.9, 2K, 12/04-08/10
  • OCTAVIA 2004 – 2011 AUTO FLEXPLATE, 1.9, DIESEL, FWD, 1Z, KMZ CODE, 01/04-03/11

*This a guide only.  If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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DSG Dual Mass Flywheel (to suit 1.9TD)

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