Gearbox Mechatronic w/ Valve Body (to suit DQ200 DSG) w/ TCU (0AM927769E)


A mechatronic unit is the control centre of a DSG gearbox. The mechatronic unit evaluates data it receives and recognises whether the gearbox needs to change gears.

The valve body is responsible for hydraulic control in the automatic transmission. Its role is to manage the fluid flow to the various section of the gearbox and the torque converter.

A faulty unit could lead to;

  • Crashing into gears
  • Selector warning lights
  • Inability to select gears
  • Gearbox keeps selecting the neutral position

Replace your current failing or faulty item with this direct replacement.

These mechatronic are brand new blank units.  When you order a new mechatronic from VW/Audi they download the basic configuration based on your VIN to the unit before supplying.  These units are blank, and you will need to copy the configuration files off the current mechatronic into this new unit and then do settings once installed.  You need more than a basic scan tool to perform this task.  All units have been bench tested and confirmed working 100%.  We will not be able to cover any warranty relating to software programming issues.


If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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Gearbox Mechatronic w/ Valve Body (to suit DQ200 DSG) w/ TCU (0AM927769E)

Out of stock