Turbocharger, RH (4.4 Diesel) | LR038044


There are several signs of a bad turbo, including:

  • Reduction in power
  • Hearing strange noise like engine whining
  • Discolored fumes coming out from the exhaust
  • Check engine light illuminating
  • High fuel consumption

Replace your worn out turbocharger with this genuine item.


Part also fits*

RANGEROVER 2013 – 2020 DIESEL, 4.4, RH SIDE, L405, 01/13-
RANGEROVER SPORT 2013 – 2022 DIESEL, 4.4, RH SIDE, L494, 06/13-

*This is a guide only. If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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Turbocharger, RH (4.4 Diesel) | LR038044

2 in stock