Camshaft Adjuster, Inlet (M270) | A2700506100


As part of the variable valve timing (VVT) system, the camshaft adjuster is responsible for allowing oil to adequately flow through the VVT system upon it’s engagement. Since the adjuster is necessary in order to allow oil to lubricate the timing chain and gears, if oil cannot reach these parts then too much friction can cause them to wear out quickly. This can lead to engine failure and expensive repairs.

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A CLASS 2013 – 2018 CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER, INLET, PETROL, 1.6/2.0, TURBO, W176, 03/13-03/18
B CLASS 2011 – 2019 CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER, INLET, PETROL, 1.6/2.0, TURBO, W246, 12/11-02/19
CLA CLASS 2013 – 2019 CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER, INLET, PETROL, 1.6/2.0, TURBO, C117/W117, 10/13-02/19
GLA CLASS 2014 – 2020 CAMSHAFT ADJUSTER, INLET, PETROL, 1.6/2.0, TURBO, X156, 04/14-01/20

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Camshaft Adjuster, Inlet (M270) | A2700506100

10 in stock