Parking Brake Actuator With Control Unit


Electronic parking brakes work on the same principle as their predecessor, but the handbrake lever is replaced by a push or pull button.

Common symptoms of faulty parking brake actuator are:

  • flashing parking brake lbrake light
  • message on the dashboard saying that a parking brake service is required.


Part Fits the Following*

X5 2007 – 2013 E70, 03/07-08/13
X6 2008 – 2014 E71, 07/08-11/14


*This a guide only.  If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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Parking Brake Actuator With Control Unit


SKU: 34436850289 Categories: , Part Code: Compatible vehicles: X6, X5, E71 (07/08 - 05/14), E70 (03/07 - 08/13), BMW