Intake Manifold, LH, 3.0TD | 059129711CK


Most late-model engines come factory-equipped with plastic intake manifolds. Plastic saves weight and cost, and conducts heat much more slowly than aluminum or cast iron. This helps lower the temperature of the incoming air for a denser, more powerful air/fuel mixture.

However, plastic intake manifolds are susceptible to cracking because they are plastic.

Replace your current failing or faulty item with this direct replacement.


Part also fits*

A4 2006 – 2008 INLET MANIFOLD, 3.0, DIESEL, ASB CODE, LH SIDE, B7, 07/06-03/08
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*This is a guide only. If you are unsure if this part is suitable for your vehicle, please contact us and we can confirm prior to your purchase.

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Intake Manifold, LH, 3.0TD | 059129711CK

6 in stock